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Download our Pentz Commercial Warranty, Care, & Maintenance guide here.


How to File A Claim

If you are unhappy with your Pentz Commercial carpet and believe you have an issue that would be addressed by the flooring warranty, you must first contact your Pentz Commercial retailer to file a claim. If the retailer is not available, you may request to initiate a warranty claim by mailing or emailing directly to Engineered Floors the following:

- Your name, address, phone number, and email address.

- Retailer name and location.

- A copy of the receipt listing the flooring style name, color, and quantity, cushion information, if included, and date of installation.

- A description of the problem. If it is a stain issue, please provide information about the cause of the stain and what has been done to try to remove the stain.

- Copies of any professional cleaning receipts.

- Pictures from the areas of concern.

Engineered Floors, LLC.

PO Box 2207

Attn:  Residential Claims Department

Dalton, Ga 30721